Making sport & entertainment one of the main sectors for impact investing

ESG measurement platform
Sport & Entertainment specialists
Sector assessments and frameworks

Our commitment

Our international platform effectively measures Sport & Entertainment ESG.

The solution

Discover our I+ solution, the new marketing asset for committed brands.




The solution

Value creation to help your business

  • Facilitating data capture and processing

  • Responding to invitations to tender

  • Supporting funding applications

  • Consolidating brand and corporate reputation

  • Exploiting the benefits of appropriate communication

  • Optimising non-financial reporting

Catalogue of solutions

All platform users have online access to the catalogue of over 170 operational solutions. The catalogue lists over a hundred companies and associations that can help all actors.

  • Identifies issues (geographical or thematic)

  • Facilitates the implementation of action plans

  • Offers practical support in the field

Satisfied clients

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